What we do

We produce solutions to optimize how resources are used, processed or disposed off. With the rise of the Maker Movement and the Open Source Movement, we aim to bring tools and solutions that were once not accessible to individuals and small organizations.

Our first take is on energy with a web-connected electricity monitor. We call it “SEE A WATT” and we think it empowers people and organizations by letting them view their electricity consumption and production in a novel way using graphs and statistics.

We are designing “SEE A WATT” with simplicity, modularity and hackability in mind. It is not as accurate as the equipment on the international space station, or as complex as a particles accelerator, but it is sophisticated just enough to show electricity consumption or generation in real time and with¬†relevant¬†statistics on any web-connected device.

SEE A WATT” is based on the open source project Open Energy Monitor, and it uses open source hardware technologies such as the Arduino platform and some of JeeLabs designs.