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Workshop: Solder and hack the Nanode


The first nanode workshop was a great success, we got to introduce many people to soldering and arduino. But we didn’t get to really hacking the nanodes and we couldn’t see fully working projects. There was not enough time to both solder the kits, interface them with sensors and program them.

We are having a second workshop, as part of the Human Rights Makerlab, taking place during the DMY Design Festival in Berlin. This time the places are limited, and there will be (hopefully) enough time to get the board made and programmed. It’s taking place on Saturday June 9th, from 11:00 to 17:00.

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Successful Nanode workshop is to be continued..

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(sorry for not blogging about this earlier, it was just a crazy time…)

We made it!! The first Nanode workshop in Berlin!

On Friday and Saturday we had in total nine people who came and soldered their Nanode kits. Most of them were successful, surprisingly people with little or non-existant soldering experience had no problems or shorts, and funnily some who were more familiar with soldering electronic kits did it too quickly and had shorts :) RTFM Continue Reading →