Who we are

OptimaLabs is not the newest “hot berlin startup” that makes the coolest hipster App of the month.

When it will be officially founded and registered, OptimaLabs will be a modest small business that produces open source hardware and software to solve real world problems.

Humanity faces today new challenges mainly caused by resources scarcity, mismanagement and systems/processes inefficiencies. While science demonstrates that 100% efficiency can never be achieved, we are determined at OptimaLabs tooptimize the way things are done.

At OptimaLabs we celebrate simplicity and openness. We use open source technologies because we believe that it is wrong, selfish and stupid to keep knowledge for oneself. Knowledge is what pushes humans forward, and every person in the universe should benefit from others’progress, ideas and accomplishments to “stand on each others shoulders”.

You can contact us by using this form: Contact us.