Impressions from the Nanode soldering workshop

I’m really glad to report that this second soldering workshop was a success! Six Nanodes soldered that day and all six worked without any trouble. Six cool tinkerers with soldering experience ranging from “none-at-all” to “I-solder-two-kits-with-my-eyes-closed” came and soldered together the Nanode 5 kits, made a few LEDs blink and connected it to the network. We had the same problem as the first one: not enough time to develop any more sketches than the examples included with EtherCard library.

Here are some photos of our tables and around, great ambiance!:

Overwhelming space in Tempelhof Airport’s Hangar 4
Credits: Ijon of HackerFleet


The start: Maximum focus and hot soldering irons.


Everyone gets a manual


Introduction to arduino and Nanode


Some more blabla and everyone is getting impatient to melt that solder.


RTFM, solder, check for shorts, RTFM again, solder some more, etc…


It’s getting dark, we get some more light. Thanks Ben.
Credits: Kay Strasser




I’d like to thank all the participants for coming and sharing their knowledge and experiences, and I hope they could learn one thing or two at this workshop. I also have to express my respect and gratitude to the entire MakerLab organizing team and the volunteers, top notch organization as always. If you are curious to know what else happened at the MakerLab you can visit the official website or watch the mini documentary below:


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