We’re pitching at betapitch this thursday

Betahaus is one of my favorite places in Berlin. I work and have meetings in the cafe, I hack around in the makerspace Open Design City at the back, and I always bump into cool people who become good friends.

betapitch is one great contest that betahaus organizes to offer ambitious baby businesses a roof and a desk in a supportive coworking environment. OptimaLabs applied and made it to the finals! We’ll present the business and SEE A WATT to a 10 person-jury from diverse backgrounds on thursday may 3rd, we will compete with nine other startups (who must be really good for making it past the first round).

Getting the opportunity to work in betahaus is much more that having a roof, a printer and internet access. It’s integrating into an ecosystem of small creative businesses in all fields. Lilja Design, the creator or our logo sits there for example. It’s also within walking distance from many supplies and electronics stores, and also the famous c-base. In the evening most of the user-groups are also in the same neighborhood.

We’re wondering what kind of businesses will the competitors be? any new open hardware companies rising in Berlin? or just the usual hipster apps?

Very exciting times! Hope to see you at the pitch and get your support.

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