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We’re pitching at betapitch this thursday


Betahaus is one of my favorite places in Berlin. I work and have meetings in the cafe, I hack around in the makerspace Open Design City at the back, and I always bump into cool people who become good friends.

betapitch is one great contest that betahaus organizes to offer ambitious baby businesses a roof and a desk in a supportive coworking environment. OptimaLabs applied and made it to the finals! We’ll present the business and SEE A WATT to a 10 person-jury from diverse backgrounds on thursday may 3rd, we will compete with nine other startups (who must be really good for making it past the first round).

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New logo and website revamp

LOGO blog post featured

Hello everyone, we are back ! With lots of fresh and refreshing news. First of all, I am very glad and proud to announce that we could charm a seed investor and convince him to put 2000 EUR in the pot. Who is he? We’re not allowed to say just now, but very soon :) Little hint for the impatient ones, he’s from the city that’s famous for the Eiffel Tower ;)

As you may have noticed, we used some of that money to get ourselves a nice new logo designed by Samy of Lilja Design. It is very much inspired by technical blueprints from the last century, and it gives a hint to our “technological” identity without being too lame. I  personally like it. Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions about it in the comments.
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