Successful Nanode workshop is to be continued..

(sorry for not blogging about this earlier, it was just a crazy time…)

We made it!! The first Nanode workshop in Berlin!

On Friday and Saturday we had in total nine people who came and soldered their Nanode kits. Most of them were successful, surprisingly people with little or non-existant soldering experience had no problems or shorts, and funnily some who were more familiar with soldering electronic kits did it too quickly and had shorts :) RTFM

Many people came: hobbyists, programmers, mechanical engineers, all with different ideas and projects for their Nanodes: internet-connected beer vending machine, home automation projects, dehumidifier monitoring system, internet connected breathalyzer… I decided to stop being impressed anymore, the possibilities are really unlimited!

Unfortunately four hours were too little to solder AND program, so we decided to meet again soon to program our Nanodes. I’m visiting tomorrow, a very famous hackerspace in Berlin, to ask them if we can have the “Program a Nanode Workshop” there, otherwise we’ll have to find another space (your help would be very much appreciated).

Nanode was received with a lot of interest by the hackers & makers community in Berlin, and I am pretty sure we will see many workshops and hackathons with amazing projects.

Many thanks to Frank, whose help was crucial to the success of the project, and to Ken for his support.

Special thanks to Jay and everyone who made this MakerPlatz event possible.

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