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Workshop: Solder and hack the Nanode!

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OptimaLabs is organizing its first workshop! It will take place this weekend in Berlin. You can come on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Description below:

Nanode is an arduino-clone with ethernet onboard and an amazing price tag. Connected microcontrollers were never so affordable and easy to use!

Build your own Arduino clone, then program it to send your blood alcohol level to your smartphone (We can test this at the Makerplatz Afterparty)

The possibilities offered by Nanode are unlimited: you can connect sensors to the internet (pachube for example), you can remote control servos, motors, lights, robots via internet, etc).

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Our first project: See-a-Watt

There is undoubtedly a pressing need to measure and monitor electricity consumption at the level of households and small/medium businesses (bigger organisations are doing it for decades already). Electricity is getting more and more expensive, and every kWh saved is a kWh earned.

See-a-Watt is our answer to this need, and our contribution to the open source movement. It is based on the Open Energy Monitor project (an open source project itself). The hardware and the software will be released under Open Source licenses, and the entire project will be at the heart of a community ecosystem, much like DIY Drones or Makerbot (at least that’s what we hope).

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Timelapse: OptimaLabs @ BTU Sommerfest


During my participation in the BTU Cottbus Sommerfest, I wanted to make something fun and cool with the help of Jonathan Saudhof (thanks a lot Josch ;-) ). I saw many timelapse sequences shot in Maker Faires and other events, and I thought why not shoot one, just for fun.

The result is not very professional, but I like it :) It was a nice experience and a useful exercise. Below is the video that summarizes a day in 30 seconds (I made some silly things with iMovie :p).
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