Why Berlin?

Berlin can easily become Europe’s startup capital if it isn’t already.

I read this article about the rise of original, successful tech startups in Berlin, and I think it summarizes my ideas about Berlin, and why it is one of the best places for a company like Optima Labs to see the light and grow. Here is the link for the full post, but I copied a few parts below:

“The new-generation startups and their founders no longer shoot for successful companies in their country (or in Europe), their mission is pure world domination,” says Reber. “If you want to reach this ambitious goal, you have to compete with the most-talented designers, coders and managers on the planet. I can only speak for myself, but I read the most relevant design blogs on a daily basis and I’m also trying to understand how leading tech-companies serve their products to millions of users. I try to understand every new trend that pops up, and I’m pretty sure that the combination of state-of-the-art design, development and the drive to create an extremely successful product pushes the quality of Berlin startups enormously.”

“Berlin even compares favourably to London as a European startup capital in some ways, as Nikolas Shommeier argues. “Of course London (and especially east London) has a thriving creative scene, but there’s so much money there and that changes the game completely. Offices and wages are many times more expensive than in Berlin and that is a fundamental problem when it comes to low-cost, high quality creative work.”

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